About Us

About Us

Incorporated in April 2005 with its vision to help our business clients.

Appetizup’s directors are energetic and experienced in the field of data power, innovation, corporate branding, strategies formulation, fundraising, private philanthropy and business consultation in both business and non-business sectors.

Vision & Mission

We are a business consultant that aid firms in both the commercial sector and social sector.

Our Vision

To be the leader in the Business consultancy with data technology power for sustainable.

Strive to enrich society, both materially and spiritually while contributing towards the preservation of the environment.

Responsible and inclusive business practices driving sustainable development.

Our Mission

Bring the power of data to the NGO, social sector and business sectors.

Build brands through applying ECSR as a strategy with the implementation of e-commerce.

Improve the competence of the corporate clients through branding strategy, improving brand name and business process through innovation, creativity, entrepreneurial and integrity spirit.

Deliver exceptional professional performance to serve and assist our clients to achieve transcendence and excellence.

Discover possibilities for bringing companies to a higher level.

Support businesses to survive shocks and connected to healthy economic, social and environmental systems as well as create economic value and contribute to healthy ecosystems and strong communities.

Our Business

Core Values









Why Us?

To transform our clients into influential and effective companies.

  • Firms of different sectors are our working partners.
  • We identify and have shared vision and mission with many businesses.
  • Projects under AppetizUp serve as platforms for our business operation.
  • Our services and activities are launched in various channels.
  • We have been organizing and coordinating events since 2005.
  • We launch projects catering to the needs of the market.
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A Message From Managing Director

Appetizup is a business consultancy firm specializes in providing business strategy advisory, training services and state-of-arts innovation services. Incorporated in April 2005 with its vision to help our business clients to improve their organization’s performance and become stronger. Appetizup focuses on achieving high-quality results by continuous improvement and superb execution. We provide solution for adaptive enterprise and create a business environment without boundary and walls. Appetizup advocates a novel approach to increase commercials and NGO cost-effectiveness and impact.


Being a professional business consultant, we provide tailored consultancy to clients of business sectors, as well as, to clients from the social sector. Our goal is to help them path their way to building a sustainable future and achieve transcendence. We are confident that with our profession and passion in serving Hong Kong, we could create a collaboration platform for the commercial and social sectors so that both sectors could flourish together.

Besides serving the society with our profession, we are also committed to fulfilling our social responsibilities by caring for our employee, the environment and the community, especially the disadvantaged groups. Our efforts in CSR have been widely recognized by the society and we have been awarded as HSBC Awards, Caring company and EDP Green Partner for many consecutive years. We believe that our specialty in business strategies, corporate governance and CSR could not only serve as our own contribution to society, but also as a strategy for companies to follow.


We believes in “The way we build – we live. The way we live – we are”. We also believe through our services, our business partners from commercial, not-for-profit NGOs and startups can become transcendent and stronger. We believe we have the knowledge, experience, enthusiasm and network to make a valuable, long-term contribution to the Hong Kong community and the much needed without sacrificing competence in Hong Kong and Greater China.

Nelson Yip, MH

Founder and Managing Director


Company Recognition

4th year recognized as a member of Hong Kong Business Sustainability Index (HKBSI)

誠匯創方有限公司榮獲「社會資本動力獎」- 勞工及福利局於2018年12月頒贈社會資本動力獎予誠匯創方有限公司,此獎項表揚誠匯創方凝聚個人、企業及社會各界優惠, 誠匯創方一直擕手建立香港的社會資本, 建構人情味的共融社會。

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