What is e-CSR?

It is our newly coined term, referring to “Electronic Corporate Social Responsibility”. We believe that CSR can be practiced with the use of the Internet and the concept of Microelectronics (i.e. Mobile). With the growing prosperity of e-commerce and microelectronic development, many enterprises and industries run their businesses online in order to increase exposure to potential customers of different segmentations. Fulfilling Corporate Social Responsibility by making use of the Internet is a trend nowadays due to a low cost and the convenience in establishment.
The adoption of social networking websites and tools such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, Twitter etc. in globe and QQ, Weibo, WeChat etc. in China to introduce businesses is becoming increasingly popular and common in the recent few years. With the economies of scale and the simple setup procedures, it is always easy and worthwhile to implement CSR electronically. We provide different online campaigns apart from traditional CSR events as we are familiar with how effective and efficient can it be when we use the Internet as a main tool and media in CSR enforcement.

How to do ECSR?

We provide consultancy and advisory services in both CSR and ECSR for the enterprises. The most effective and efficient campaign and functions will be designed for the firms to promote and raise the awareness of the public towards the environment and society. Meanwhile, the Internet will act as a major instrument for promotion or even a platform to perform CSR with the introduction social networking tools (websites and mobile applications) and applications.

Why do we do CSR electronically?

Around 40% of the world population is connected to the internet, presenting an excellent opportunity to engage potential audiences online. We offer a variety of CSR projects and campaigns for enterprises, utilizing our expertise and coordinating efforts online to create value and differentiation for our clients.
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