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A business consultancy firm specializes in providing business strategy advisory, training services and state-of-arts innovation services.
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Companies have used CSR as a strategic tool to meet expectations of various stakeholders such as NGOs, consumers, and media. CSR and corporate reputation of a company help build affective perception of a higher brand leading to develop equity.
Executive Coaching to focus on what really matters to become a great organization leader. Coaching support managers and executives in enhancing their productivity and skills or behaviours.
Workshops designed for professionals who are looking for breakthrough in their presentations and public speaking skills.
This award aims to support socially responsible investments in corporates and encourage government at the local and national level to lead by example and set the foundation for a sustainable economy and society.
The Culture Cure is prescriptive to value leadership to excel in our challenging environment and we provide independent corporate advisory specializing in assisting entrepreneurs, investors and SMEs on their businesses.
Value creation is the core business of project-based entities. Projects start with an objective to create an unique outcome.

We are energetic and experienced in various fields.

To help our business clients to improve their organization’s performance.

Achieving high-quality results by continuous improvement and superb execution.

Providing solutions for adaptive enterprise and creating a business environment without boundaries.

To advocate a novel approach to increase commercials and NGO cost-effectiveness and impact.

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“The way we build – we live. The way we live – we are.”

Welcome to the website of Appetizup! We are a business consultancy firm specialising in providing business strategy advisory, training, and state-of-arts innovation services.

Nelson Yip, MH

Founder and Managing Director

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