Project Community Shaper 2030

Everyone faces a multitude of challenges every day. To overcome these challenges, we must be persistent, be resilient, and never give up. We must always rise to challenges, go above instead of away from problems.

Community Shaper 2030 is a social innovation hackathon-based event, connecting talented youths in Hong Kong to raise awareness on inclusionaccessibility, and other social issues. By participating in forums, design-thinking workshops, and our various activities, budding innovators and entrepreneurs will create a business proposal for a solution to the issue of accessibility, with the aim of reducing inequality.

This event aims to help participants develop a deeper understanding of different social issues, and increase their awareness of the financial benefits of integrating ESG factors. By applying a humanistic perspective towards a societal issue, the multidimensionality of sustainable development becomes apparent in each situation.

Instagram: @communityshaper2030